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We are an investment research organization specializing in financial market analysis and simulation modeling. Our specialty includes financial research & market analysis, financial system thinking, mathematical modeling of trading patterns and near time price prediction of a registered security.

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Theory of Stocks, LLC

iPath VXX

In this example, we have applied gradual declining weights (a proprietary formula) to the price of the stock as we move back in time. A careful observation of the above chart explains the volatility of this ETF with respect to S&P 500...

Article dated: September 17, 2019

Johnson Controls (JCI)

JCI had a spectacular upward run since December 2018. While the stock is bullish and has demonstrated a strong upward trend, here are some parameters we can use to determine its future direction.

Article dated: September 15, 2019

Express, Inc. (EXPR)

Will Express, Inc. (EXPR) continue the downtrend or make a reversal. In the absence of a crystal ball to predict the future, here are some parameters value investors consider...

Article dated: August 28, 2019

Ternium S.A.(TX)

Where is the stock heading from here? Would the same downward momentum continue?. While the stock is bearish and has demonstrated a strong downward trend, here are some parameters...

Article dated: August 23, 2019